Groupage to England

You already had the most reliable groupage to the UK. Now, you will have it daily


Ibertransit incorporates the United Kingdom into its portfolio of 5 weekly departures to Europe.

We never get sick of the good stuff. When something works well, you want it every day. More and more customers are in love with our ground groupage service and full loads to the United Kingdom, for its punctuality, for its reliability, because everything is very easy when you work with a single interlocutor. How could you not want more frequent outings?

We have listened to you. We launch 5 weekly departures to London, Birmingham and Manchester, throughout the year. And with door delivery times of up to 2 days: a record for speed.

Your direct shipment, without intermediaries

Your merchandise will not pass from hand to hand or stop at intermediate hubs. It will be 100% safe from the beginning to the end, just as you have deposited it in our hands. And we will assign you a single personal agent, always the same, who will be up to date on everything, so that you can make as many inquiries as you wish.

Standard or Elite mode, you choose

Just because you can send your goods to the UK every day does not mean that you always have the same needs or the same urgency. Choose in each shipment the modality that suits you best:


  • IberLand Standard: estimated transit time of 3 to 5 days, depending on the final destination.
  • IberLand Elite: estimated transit time of 2 to 3 days, depending on the final destination.

Remember that we are …


  • Daily departures, Monday through Friday, throughout the year.
  • We accept palletized goods, in boxes, in rolls, in packages… we adapt to your packaging ”
  • Direct service in groupage, paletería or full load. Choose the modality that best suits you.



  • We assign you a single personal agent for all your operations. Because you deserve our full attention.




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